Selling During Divorce

Divorce can be one of life's most challenging transitions. It involves making significant financial choices, such as selling your home, during an emotionally turbulent period.

Both divorce and selling a home are emotionally charged experiences. It's essential not to let your emotions cloud your judgment. Your home is likely your most substantial financial asset, and its sale can impact your financial stability. Avoid using it as a tool for revenge or as a pawn in the divorce process, even if you're unhappy about selling it.

Handle Matters Amicably and Efficiently

When selling a home, the division of equity becomes a crucial consideration. While a 50/50 split is common, it may not always align with individual contributions. To prevent third-party decisions in court, aim to collaboratively agree on the equity distribution that best suits both partners based on your unique circumstances.

Document Everything

The duration of probate varies based on factors like estate complexity, the presence of a valid will, potential disputes, and state probate laws. Some cases wrap up in months, while others take over a year. Realistic expectations and professional guidance, like The Helbert Team, are crucial for navigating this process smoothly.

Sell Your Home for the Right Reasons

Before selling your home amidst divorce, consider the reasons carefully. Often, couples sell due to divided income sources, making the mortgage unaffordable alone. It may also involve liquidating assets to cover legal and divorce expenses.

Consider Capital Gains

The timing of selling your home may hinge on capital gains. If you've made improvements, it's advisable to sell while still married, allowing a tax exclusion of up to $500,000 in profits ($250,000 per person), compared to the $250,000 limit for single sellers.

Always Work with an Experienced Realtor

When selecting a Realtor, cooperation between you and your partner is key to mutual trust and support. Opt for a local Realtor with experience in selling homes, preferably with divorcees. Look for someone with patience and strong communication skills to navigate the emotional aspects of selling during a divorce.

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